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We deliver superior quality and innovative Design, Development & Contract Manufacturing that bring complex products to life.

Inteprod is a pioneer in the creation, design, development and manufacturing of medical & life science devices. We make lifesaving and life changing products that impact people around the world.

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Regardless of what step you are in throughout the medical device product life cycle, Inteprod has the flexibility and capacity to assist in taking your device to market.

Contract Manufacturing

Our proven ability to proactively address manufacturing issues early in the process results in improved product quality and reliability, reduced costs and faster time to market.

Inteprod engineering services medical life sciences

ISO 13485:2016 Certified Contract Manufacturer & FDA Registered

 We have extensive experience serving leading producers and emerging innovators of medical devices and medical diagnostic product industry. Our business understands and adheres to the stringent requirements of 21 CFR 820, and is certified to ISO 13485:2016. Moreover, we comply with health and safety standards set by UL, IEC, and CE.

Design & Development Support & Services

Inteprod’s multi-disciplined technical team provides design to manufacturing services, and long-term sustaining engineering support.


Client Testimonials

“Inteprod sets a high standard of excellence and they have become the “yard stick” that I measure other electromechanical contract manufacturers against.”

Vice President, Operations

CR Bard

“I’ve used Inteprod for various Project Development and Manufacturing activities at my last two companies (BD and Bard). Consequently, I’ve been in R&D and medical device product development/manufacturing for 20 years and have used nearly all of the major contractors/ manufacturers around the country (i.e. Battelle, RELA, SMED, Flextronics, JABIL, etc.) throughout my career. Although Inteprod is smaller than most of these companies, their caliber of service is outstanding! I find them to be very focused on design for manufacturing and manufacturing efficiencies. They always strove to meet our agreed upon milestones and timelines.”

Director of Program Management


“I have greatly appreciated Inteprod’s support in my current position in supporting customer’s projects. I have also enjoyed the past experiences with Inteprod in transferring the product design from concept to manufacturing. This experience played heavily in my decision to accept the new position. I look forward to furthering our progress with the product, as well as getting involved in the next product and other upcoming projects.”

Senior Manufacturing Engineer


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