UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Certified

Inteprod is Now Certified to Design & Build UL 508A Industrial Control Panels.

Eagleville, PA, October 21, 2020 – Inteprod, LLC, located in Eagleville, PA, has achieved UL 508A Certification for the Design and Build of Industrial Control Panels for the US and Canada. At the request of its customer base, Inteprod has teamed up with Eurofins MET Labs, to provide training and certification to UL508A. Inteprod has been assigned certification number E115191 and is now ready to assemble and/or design your Industrial Control Panels. Inteprod’s extensive experience designing and manufacturing complex medical devices has more than prepared us for the move into the world of Industrial Controls. Our extensive ISO 13485 Certified Quality System provides the basis for industrial panel design, manufacturing, and quality at the highest level. Our Engineers and Manufacturing personnel have many years of electrical design experience and are ready to address your most demanding Industrial Panel projects. Industrial control panels with the UL Mark are installable to the National Electrical Code (NEC) assuring safety compliance for our customers. UL 508A covers general use ICP construction, power circuit, control circuit, rating and marking requirements and electrical enclosure construction requirements.

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We know Quality matters. We make lifesaving and life changing medical and diagnostic devices, and we fully understand the complexities of medical devices and the importance of quality, reliability and excellence in medical manufacturing. Together we can move medical innovation forward and change lives worldwide.

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