Inteprod is proud of our involvement with a life saving device that detects traumatic brain injuries using infrared spectroscopy. We manufactured this tool for an OEM client. This device scans TBI patients onsite with high accuracy all in a handheld device.

In 2019 there were nearly 61,000 traumatic brain injuries that ended in people dying in the United states alone according to the CDC! Moreover, a staggering 10 million people worldwide sustain traumatic brain injuries resulting in death or significant irreversible deficits annually according to the World Health Organization!  

Bumps, blows or jolts to the head are the main causes of a traumatic brain injuries. These external forces on the head lead to various levels of damage to our most vital organ, the brain. These injuries, depending on the severity, may lead to short or long term health problems, or even death. While a person with a mild TBI or concussion may experience short-term symptoms and recover within days to months, a moderate to severe TBI can have life-long effects and in worst cases lead to death from intracranial brain bleed. 

Enter the OEM Cranial Scanning Device Inteprod manufactured for our client. The OEM medical device can spot deadly intracranial hematomas just moments after an impact. The “golden hour” after a traumatic head injury is paramount to properly assess. If not treated immediately can lead to death or permanent disability. This portable device manufactured by Inteprod, LLC in Eagleville, PA., uses near infrared spectroscopy to determine if there is differential light absorption in the healthy part of the brain vs potential brain bleeding areas. 

Inteprod LLC is proud to be the Contract Manufacturer of the OEM Device that has helped save lives via early detection of traumatic brain injuries.  We have been involved with an OEM Developer from the beginning of the model development assisting with the design for manufacturing “DFM”, sourcing both domestic and international suppliers of components, as well as the design and implementation of injection molding for the external casing and docking station for the OEM Device.

Our operations and quality groups have been responsible for all logistics from supplier selection, to sourcing, assembly, testing, packaging, shipping as well as full control of the Device History Records “DHR”.  We are extremely pleased to be associated with an OEM developer able to develop and trust Inteprod with their life saving device. We look forward to the future, helping other inventors, start-ups, and large medical companies to build a safer and brighter future for all of our fellow humankind.

Inteprod is a full service contract manufacturer. A pioneer in the creation, design, development and manufacturing of medical & life science devices. We facilitate clients ranging from startups to global manufacturers. Inteprod empowers them to bring life changing products to markets around the world. Inteprod delivers superior quality with innovative design, development and contract manufacturing that brings complex products to life. Our experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers, supply chain and purchasing officers, manufacturing assembly technicians, inventory control, quality assurance, quality control specialists, inspection personnel, along with our senior leadership are here to guide you through the full product development life cycle and FDA regulations. Inteprod has the robust Quality Management System (QMS) and successful track record you need to successfully take your device to market.

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We know Quality matters. We make lifesaving and life changing medical and diagnostic devices, and we fully understand the complexities of medical devices and the importance of quality, reliability and excellence in medical manufacturing. Together we can move medical innovation forward and change lives worldwide.

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