Vision to Validation

Product Development

No matter where you are in the development of your product, Inteprod’s team of experts incorporates design for manufacturing (DFM) practices to optimize the manufacturability, serviceability, maintainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your product from the beginning of the design life cycle to final assembly. Our proven ability to proactively address manufacturing issues early in the process results in improved product quality and reliability, reduced costs and faster time to market.


Transferring your technology requires a great deal of trust. At Inteprod, you can have absolute confidence that your intellectual property (IP) is safe and secure. Ownership of your intellectual property is never at question, and we will never attempt to lay claim to any derivatives of your IP.


Our Development Services:

Product Design and Development

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Cost Reduction

Quality Assurance & Compliance

cGMP Compliant Documentation

Product & Process Validation & Verification

Management of Software and Firmware Development

We know Quality matters. We make lifesaving and life changing medical and diagnostic devices, and we fully understand the complexities of medical devices and the importance of quality, reliability and excellence in medical manufacturing. Together we can move medical innovation forward and change lives worldwide.

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