Inteprod is here to deliver superior quality and innovative design and manufacturing solutions that bring complex products to life.

Driving the success of our customers since 2004 through outstanding value and trust, Inteprod combines our knowledge and experience with proven management practices to deliver the right solution on time and within budget. Our deep culture of customer service, professionalism, quality, excellence and innovation delivered on the foundation of uncompromising integrity is what separates us from our competitors. Look no further for your full service contract manufacturer.


Inteprod promotes a passionate and inspired TEAM culture committed to excellence and delivering complex products that change lives

Contract Manufacturing Specialist for Medical and Life Sciences Technologies

Full Life Cycle Development

At Inteprod, we have the expertise, resources and infrastructure to manage every phase of your product’s life cycle. We understand the importance of quality and reliability in medical manufacturing and have a robust Quality Management System and an audited and proven quality management systems.

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